Search engine optimisation

Many studies have shown that the majority (up to 93% !) of new website visits start from a search engine search, especially of course, Google. A good ranking in the search engines is vital for website success and will dramatically increase your visitor traffic.

A good ranking means that on key words and phrases relevant to your business, your website should be on the first page of search result pages (SERP). To achieve this your website needs careful search engine optimisation (SEO) and this is where we can help. Website optimisation for search engines like Google or Bing is a specialised service.

It takes time and very careful attention to many factors that all inter-relate to each other. There are strict guidelines to follow which preclude any “tricks” – trying to fool the search engines can result in your website not being listed at all!

Webfactor have always specialised in SEO, on improving our clients website rankings and we are very experienced in this area.

While the websites we build are always designed with the search engines in mind, if your website is older and was not built by us then it most likely needs some SEO attention.

If you would like us to optimise your web site for improved search engine rankings please contact us today. SEO is important!

Search engine optimisation/optimization
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